Lucchesi Localise Limited

Mapi has over 25 years of experience in localisation, having run her own successful company for 15 years in London, which she then sold to dedicate her time to her family. She returned to London as a localisation consultant, and recently created Lucchesi Localise.

She employs a team of highly skilled PMs on a freelance basis, which allows her to offer unmatched competitive rates.

“Mapi has managed numerous localisation projects for me over the years, including the versioning in multiple languages of television series and award-winning corporate films.
She is without a doubt the most experienced, knowledgeable and well-connected localisation consultant I have worked with.”

Zoe Uffindell, Managing Director Khaki Films


Translation & Transcreation

network of freelance linguists in over 100 languages


skilled subtitlers and latest software

Casting & Language Directors

highly experienced native speakers


600 talents in over 100 languages


for Eastern European markets


in London and in territory

Edit attendance

from just 2 hours to a whole day, covering a variety of subject matters

Other services include

Audio Description
Studio facilities


Advertising, Corporate, Animation, TV series, Features, Website.